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Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage for Nunavut. Whether you lease, finance or own your vehicle, this is the minimum amount of coverage you need to have by law to protect yourself and your loved ones. Liability Coverage: If you injure someone or damage property, payments are made on your behalf.

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Insurance Act, Consolidation of Current to: 2013-02-27 vi R.S.N.W.T. 1988,c.I-4 Subrogation 68 (1) Where amount recovered is not sufficient to indemnify (2) PART IV LIFE INSURANCE INTERPRETATION Definitions 69 APPLICATION OF PART Application 70 (1) Beneficiary for value (2) Preferred beneficiary (3) Group insurance 71

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CoverMe ® Term Life Insurance: choose the cost-effective coverage you need. Whether you’re looking for your first life insurance policy after getting married, buying a home or starting a family, or you have some life insurance but would like a top-up, CoverMe ® Term Life Insurance provides cost-effective protection. You pay only for the coverage you need.

2019-10-11  · Insurance Regulation. The Government of Nunavut regulates the territory’s insurance industry through its Office of the Superintendent of Insurance in Iqaluit. Nunavut’s Insurance Act and associated regulations set out the legal framework that governs insurance in the territory. Nunavut’s Minister of Finance is responsible for this Act.

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Term life insurance policies generally range from one to thirty years, with ten-year durations being the most popular choice. If you think you’ll need life insurance for the next ten years, for example, then you would buy a ten-year term life plan. At the end of the ten year period, your policy will lapse and your coverage will end.

What are the penalties for driving without insurance in Nunavut? If you’re convicted of driving without insurance in Nunavut, you’ll face a fine of $500 to $50,000. Repeat offenders could face jail time.

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